Beautifully done.

A very moving story.

Such honesty all through this film.


Nancy's words at the end of the film show a great depth of understanding of how different God's ways and purposes for us are from our own assumptions as we start out to serve Him. 


Very moving and convicting. 


The patience and love of the Lord are so clearly presented as their story unfolds. 


This is a film that must be shared.


Linda Boice

Philadelphia, PA 

Pilot Film


Here are some points which struck a recent group who watched the film as part of half-day leadership seminar. 


1. We realize how shallowly our identity is rooted in Christ when we suffer intense loss, difficult seasons, etc. That is when we truly learn that Jesus is all we need, learn to lean on him, find joy in him, etc.


2. We truly are sheep/shepherds. In many ways it isn't glamorous and it's difficult but it's what we are and called to be.


3. God's use of difficult times to produce growth/fruit is amazing. Looking at Scott's energy, enthusiasm, etc., you wouldn't know he had been through those difficult times. Unlike some in the world who are permanently shattered by such experiences, God's sustenance in such times and work through suffering is amazing.


4. It is important for us to realize where God is calling/leading us and to be obedient/faithful in performing that work rather than longingly thinking of the other circumstances in which we would rather be used.


5. It is critical to realize that God is the one performing the work and that we are called to be faithful servants. Thinking that the outcome depends on our performance is prideful and will only wear us out. Only once we embrace God's sovereignty and realize that he has graciously chosen to use us to accomplish his purposes can we truly be thankful, take joy in him, find rest in him, and energetically serve him.