From a young age, I followed God’s calling in film and received encouragement when I won a Kodak Teenage Movie Award for story conception. I then focused on film at The University of Iowa and screenwriting at The American Film Institute (AFI). 


My musician wife, Margaret, and I began our married life in Wichita, Kansas where I wore many hats at Harvest Communications as a writer, producer, director, cameraman and editor.


In addition to Pizza Hut and Cessna, one of Harvest’s clients was The Bible Study Hour, for which I produced sixty half-hour teaching videos with Dr. James M. Boice.  This collaboration led in part to us moving to Philadelphia.

This set the stage for years of marketing and educational videos for businesses and publishers, followed by documentary video work for Christian organizations, including Tenth Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia, African Enterprise, The City School, The Evangelical Free Church Mission, The Baptist General Conference of Canada, and a number of Christian book publishers.

In 1996, I shot a 42-minute documentary, To Live is Christ, about my life-long friend Scott Campbell's church plant in Laval, Québec, just outside Montreal.

That film has been greatly used and started me thinking about making documentaries that show the ways God is at work in His people. 

In confirmation of God's calling, between 2014 and 2016, I was given seed money to make the first film in Following Jesus, a proposed series that seeks to show what it means to follow Jesus over a lifetime as He lives in and through His contemporary disciples.  

The first film, Life on the Island of Jesus, explores God's transformative work in and through Scott Campbell, as well as his wife Nancy, two adult children and church.

For more about my work experience and background, please visit my online Portfolio. 

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