Craig is a good storyteller. He also has an eye and an ear for aesthetic beauty, with a heart for the Lord that comes through in all his work.  Having worked closely with Craig on these projects, he has my full confidence for his skill as a filmmaker, for his artistic integrity, and for his ability to work effectively within the inevitable constraints of budget and schedule. I am hopeful that he will continue to have opportunities to use his spiritual gifts to produce films that advance the gospel. I would encourage you to consider using his services in your own ministry. Please contact me if I can be of any further help.


Philip G. Ryken


Wheaton College; Wheaton, IL



I am very happy and privileged to commend the work, inspirational skills and professional capacities of Craig Claudin as a film-maker and DVD producer.  A couple of years ago we had Craig make a promotional film out here in South Africa on our African Enterprise Leadership Training Centre.  It was a joy and delight to work with a man so flexible, so gracious, so patient and so capable.  He did us proud and made us a stunning promotional DVD to share about the ministry of our Leadership Training Centre.  Craig’s work is artistic, imaginative and very creative and those who have seen the DVD he prepared for us have been inspired and moved.  Craig is a Christian gentleman and film producer of note.  No one will be disappointed who works with him.


Michael Cassidy


African Enterprise; South Africa



I have worked with producers all over the world but I have never worked with a more dedicated, thorough, caring person than Craig Claudin. He is always prepared. His direction is right on, and he never gets upset if things go wrong. When I know I am going to work with Craig, I look forward to the session.  He is the best.


Peter Thomas

Voice-over artist for broadcast documentaries




Craig . . . is very open to suggestions and he asks probing questions that enable him to fully understand the context of the program.  He is extremely reliable for meeting his commitments and deadlines.  And he has a personality that builds trust with all parties involved in the project. I believe he would be an extraordinary asset to any project or [organization] looking for a creative mind and dependable manager.

John L. Strain

Former Marketing VP

Unisys Global Transportation



Craig: Both the professionalism with which you approach these projects and the manner in which you interact with these major clients, seemingly effortlessly and always collected in times of stress, keeps us all calm and makes the entire process look easy (although I know better!). Thanks all around for the unparalleled support you provide, and for your flawless execution of countless details to make these videos a reality. The process and the final outputs have exceeded expectations! THANK YOU!


Cynthia Switzer

Former Sr. Marketing Manager

Unisys Global Infrastructure Services