Pilot Film Selected for Airing on ABC 

"Life on the Island of Jesus" was recently selected by the Interfaith Broadcasting Commission to air nationwide on the ABC television network, beginning February 16, 2020 on more than 200 affiliates, with the potential of reaching between 3 and 4 MILLION viewers. The film is part of ABC's "Visions and Values" series.





How does God bring life out of brokenness?  


That's the question explored in "Life on the Island of Jesus," the newly completed pilot film in the proposed series, "Following Jesus: How God Transforms Us Over Time."


The story follows the life of missionary pastor and church planter, Scott Campbell, whose youthful dreams for ministry success crash into the hard realities of a dark spiritual climate and Scott's chronic battles with depression.


Told by Scott, his wife Nancy and their grown children, the film explores how, over time, God uses difficult experiences to transform followers of Jesus into the image of His Son.


Speaking of his seventeen-day stay in the psychiatric wing of a hospital, Scott sums it up: "God held me during that time and He used that difficult, death-type experience to give me greater life afterwards."

We're presently finalizing distribution channels for wide release. Please return to the site for updates!

The film has been test-screened for various groups. One church wrote their own discussion questions, shared in this PDF for your own use.


Thirty years ago, Scott and his wife Nancy planted a church in the hardened spiritual soil of Québec.


After their tenth year, I made a 42-minute documentary about the church they planted in Laval, To Live is Christ (filmed "run-n-gun" style over a 3-day weekend!).


Now, after twenty years, I've completed Life on the Island of Jesus, the first film in the proposed series, Following Jesus.

The film is a lens through which we can see the fruit of God's longterm, inner work in Scott, Nancy, their children, and members of their church. 


The pilot also serves as a prototype for future films that will show how God transforms His children into the likeness of His Son, over time.

In this site, you can watch preview clips and ask God if He would have you join this work through your prayers, collaboration and financial contributions.