D. M. Stearns

The D.M. Stearns Missionary Fund is well known in evangelical missionary circles for giving grants to evangelical Christian missionaries, mission agencies, Bible schools and colleges, and theological seminaries.

A board of trustees overseas the distribution of the funds that are audited annually by Tait Weller of Philadelphia.  The fund’s tax I.D. number is available upon request.  


As a faith-based ministry, the D.M. Stearns Missionary Fund takes no percentage from donations to meet its operating expenses.


The fund was established by the Reverend Daniel M. Stearns (1845 – 1920).  A full-time pastor, Dr. Stearns was also widely known as an outstanding itinerant Bible teacher, conducting Bible classes in the major cities of the eastern seaboard, with as many as twenty classes meeting weekly or bi-weekly. 

It was written about him:  "No sermon was preached by Dr. Stearns that did not contain an invitation to the unsaved and a clear and simple exposition of the way. So deep-rooted was (his) passion for souls that, from the church as a Bible center, he preached through an host of missionaries, rooted and grounded in the faith, unto the uttermost parts of the earth. What his influence has been and what the harvest will be, eternity alone will reveal."

Abridged from an article by Charles F. Nagel